Welcome to my personal website!

My name is Marco Meloni and I am a chemical engineer. I have been working for few years as a process engineer, one of the most beautiful and gratifying work, and in the past I have worked on the design of plants in the Oil & Gas, petrochemical and chemical sectors. Always passionate about information technology and new technologies, I decided to create a small personal website in which to collect and share ideas, tutorials, articles and calculation programs.

For this new version of the site, I opted for a minimalist layout, abandoning the still excellent CMS Joomla for WordPress.

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Last news

14/04/2021 – UnitConverter updated to version 1.03 (small bugs solved).

06/02/2021 – UnitConverter updated to version 1.02.

17/01/2021 – Added a new VB.NET program: UnitConverter, a unit of measure conversion tool

25/04/2020 – Updated the VL vertical separator excel spreadsheet

12/04/2020 – Added a new Excel sheet with tabulated the main properties of dry air.

23/01/2020 – Updated spreadsheets for calculation of pipe and tank thermal power dispersion.

25/08/2019 – Corrected a stack overflow bug on the orifice spreadsheet.