This section is dedicated to one of my most apprecciated hobbies: Chess!


Download – Chess

Naraku 1.4: A chess program created between 2009 and 2011, written in C and based on various freeware or public algorithms (in part also on the controversial freeware program Ippolit). The program has a chess strength estimated at around 2800 points by independent sites such as CCRL and CEGT. It is a single core program with UCI interface and to be used it needs a graphical interface, such as Arena (free download). Do not ask for sources because I do not have them anymore.

Below an example game of Naraku, against Gnuchess 6.21, 20 seconds per move. NEW (26/02/2023)! Set of 190 openings, to be used in Arena or any other program with support for the epd format. Included are the most common openings at maximum depth of 2 plyes.