Control valve sizing manual

The manual I have recently completed aims to serve as an introductory guide to the sizing of control valves, approached from the perspective of a process engineer. This introductory guide is a condensation of what I have learned during my professional activities and aims to provide a useful resource for those involved in sizing or conducting preliminary checks on control valves in chemical plants.

While not without imperfections, I am convinced that it can be a valuable support for engineers in this field. The document offers an in-depth “process-oriented” analysis of sizing methodologies, addressing the typical challenges that arise in the design and implementation of chemical plants. From the fundamental selection of valve characteristics to the calculation of the flow coefficient (Cv), along with practical considerations and reflections, the manual provides a comprehensive and practical compendium to tackle various stages of control valve sizing. Its structure aims to guide engineers through the complexities of this task, offering advice and practical techniques for valve selection and sizing.

In the upcoming phases, in line with my work commitments, I intend to further expand the manual, enriching it with practical examples and detailed paragraphs. The goal is to provide a dynamic and increasingly comprehensive resource.

The manual is available for download in PDF format at the following link: Control_valve_process_sizing_manual

I hope this resource proves valuable for your professional practice, and I remain open to suggestions and feedback to improve it over time.

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