Excel spreadsheet for fire case PSV sizing

By clicking the link at the end of this page it is possible to download an Excel calculation sheet for sizing of a PSV for fire case.

The program can be used for didactic purpose or to make a very preliminary estimation of the discharge passage area and the vapour flowrate due to the fire, in sonic or non sonic conditions. I reiterate that the program allows only for a preliminary estimate, which can be used to get an idea before pass to a more detailed analysis with simulators such as Aspen Hysys and Flarenet and as such, it must not be used for definitive design of a PSV.

In order to use the program, once known the vessel geometry (three calculation modes are available: one for horizontal vessel with or without boot, and one for vertical vessel) and the fluid properties, it is enought to fill the fields in order to make the calculations. In the Excel file I have included a small guide.

The program can be download by clicking HERE.

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